Our Wines

GRAPES USED / “Peduncolo Rosso” (red stalk) Refosco grapes from native, ancient vines (dating back to around 1400), which carry the name of the colouring of the stalk during maturation.

POSITION OF THE GRAPEVINE / The “Refosco dal p.r.” of Casali Maniago is produced using only the most carfully selected bunches of grapes from the hilly region og Buttrio Estate.

GROWTH METHODS / The “Guyot” system is followed using agronomic, eco-friendly methods.

VINIFICATION / Once the grapes have been picked, they are selected and pressed. The must created is left in contact with the grape skin under a controlled temperature in modern and automatic steel winemarkes. The wine is frequently “remounted” for the colour and tannics of the skin to be passed to the must. The pressing and completion of the fermentation process (alcoholic and malolatic) are this achirved.

REFINEMENT / Once the wine has gone through its necessary initial “decanting” phases, it is left to rest for the whole of the Spring before being botled. A further period of maturation then follows in the bottle in the family’s underground wine cellar.

CHARACTERISTICS / An intense ruby-red colour with purplish reflection. An intense, winery perfume that brings to mind wild berries and jams made of small red fruits. This wine has a direct flavour and aroma, decisive and dry as well as being well-balanced, with a pleasant tannin flavour and a freshness that promises longevity and wine that is easy to drink.

FOOD COMBINATIONS / This wine goes well with roast meats, veal shank, stew with polenta, red meats and typical dishes of the Friuli region, such as the “Jota” (soup made of sauerkrant and beans thickened with potatoes and smoked pork spareribs).