Our Wines


GRAPES USED / this wine is produced from Pinot Grigio grapes, a French grape-varietal. It is grown in the Colli Orientali del Friuli from the second half of 1800.

POSITION / the hills of the Sottomonte Estate in the municipality of Buttrio (Udine), with their fantastic landscape, provide an ideal wine country for quality winemaking.

TERRAIN / hill and foothill area, the soil is composed of marl and sandstone with a predominantly clayey component.

TRAINING SYSTEM / double bending canes (called cappuccina). A traditional training technique in Friuli, optimized by our winery’s methods for small but high-quality production using reduced vine vigor and a lower number of buds.


HARVESTING / manual harvesting by a qualified, suitably trained workforce from the third decade of August with the selection of the best grapes in the field and fast transfer to the cellar.

VINIFICATION / Destemming, crushing, and cooling at 7/8°C (44-46°F), followed by a brief cold maceration (for 12 hours) and a gentle pressing to start the fermentation at a controlled temperature (18 °C, 64° F). We wanted to reproduce the ancient regional tradition: a brief maceration of the juice with its characteristic grey-violet skin that gives the wine its particular color.

AGING / once finished the bâtonnage fermentation it ages “sur lies” until it is ready for the bottling process. Then each bottle will be stored in our sixteenth-century underground cellar


SENSORY CHARACTERISTICS / pale pink color with luminous coppery reflection. This shade is given by the contact with the skin during the vinification phase. The aroma is delicate, intense, and distinctive with intense floral (white acacia flowers) and fruity (apple, pear, and red fruit) aromas. The taste is dry, sapid, and harmonious with a balanced structure with intense and persistent fruity notes.

FOOD AND WINE PAIRINGS / the peculiarity of this wine, halfway between white wine and an elegant rosé, makes it perfect for different pairings such as hors d’oeuvre and for fish and shellfish plates like prawns or steamed shrimps. It can also be paired with soups, egg-based dishes but also pouched meat and poultry.

LONGEVITY / This wine is already excellent from the first year but gets finesse and complexity with the aging process.

SERVICE / best served chilled (10 -12°C, 50-54°F). Uncork the bottle at the time of the service.