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HISTORICAL NOTES / it is an old vine cultivated around Campi Flegrei’s area, near Naples, and around Taburno, near Benevento. It takes the name from “falanga” that was the pole used to keep its very vigorous branches.

NAME / Falanghina Beneventano IGT

BLEND / Falanghina 100%

VINEYARD AGE / A average 15 years

YIELD PER HECTARE / around 80/120 quintals

HARVEST / September until first of October

COLOR / Straw yellow with greenish

NOSE / fresh and fruity with citrus, pineapple and white flowers notes

TASTE / very fresh tanks to acidity that is in balance with vine’s structure

PAIRINGS / ideal as an aperitif, to be served with crustaceans, seafood and fish dishes, white meat dishes, vegetables, cream and light ripe cheese.