Our Wines

GRAPES / Chardonnay, a wine of French origin, grown in Friuli region since the second half of the nineteenth century.

VINEYARD LOCATION / Hills belonging to the Sottomonte estate in Buttrio (UD), part of Friuli Colli Orientali D.O.C. (controlled denomination of origin) area. Hill and foothill area, of Eocenic origin, featuring the characteristic “ponca”; alternating layers of marl and sandstone. South facing hills.

VINE TRAINING / “Cappuccina” and “Guyot” method with reduced number of buds. Vinification: White wine fermentation with soft pressing of the grapes following alcoholic fermentation a controlled temperature (18°C) to encourage the development of intense aromas.

REFINING / Ageing continues in stainless steel tanks to prevent the wine from clouding and continuously disturbing the fine lees. The wine remains “sur lies” intil bottling. Maturation continues in the bottle for at least three months.

CHARACTERISTIC / Bringht straw-yellow colour with slightly greenish undertones. A pleasant aroma that contributes to the elegance of the variety, suggesting white fleshed fruit, exotic fruirs, apple, white flowers and bread crusts. The flovour is full bodied and warm with a reduced acidity level that contributes to the softness of the wine. The balance and velvety final taste are excellent. A wine that, with every sip, gives off pleasant and lasting sensation with a nicely mineral and lasting aftertaste.

FOOD TO MATCH / Excellent served as an aperitif or with light hours d’oeuvres. This wine pairs perfectly with first course pastas or soups, seafood-based diskes and soft cheeses.