Our Wines


GRAPES USED / a wine of French origin obtained from combining Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc “Carménère” grapes, grown in Friuli since the nineteenth century.

POSITION / the hills of the Sottomonte Estate in the municipality of Buttrio (Udine), with their fantastic landscape, provide an ideal wine country for excellent wine making. The C. D.O (controlled denomination of origin) area is the Friuli Colli Orientali (Eastern Hills of Friuli). Exposure is south.

TERRAIN / hill and foothill area, soil composed of marl and sandstone with a predominantly clayey component.

TRAINING SYSTEM / traditional Sylvotz training technique of Friuli, optimised by our winery’s methods for restricted but quality production using reduced vine vigour and a lower number of buds.

PHYTOSANITARY CROP PROTECTION / low environmental impact focussing on traditional products with a short persistence, distributed according to the agroalimentary programme for crop protection.


HARVESTING / manual with a qualified, suitably trained workforce from the second week in October with selection of the best grapes in the field and fast transfer to the cellar.

VINIFICATION METHOD / red wine fermentation with prolonged maceration of the must and skins in modern steel wine makers at a controlled temperature (26 °C) to obtain a well structured wine. This is followed by pressing and, first completion of alcoholic fermentation and then malolactic fermentation in wooden casks.

MATURATION AND AGEING / in oak casks for at least twelve months. Ageing continues after bottling in the sixteenth century underground estate cellar for about six months prior to labelling.


SENSORY CHARACTERISTICS / deep ruby red colour tending towards violet. Its rich and elegant bouquet releases a very mellow red fruit aroma, amalgamated with a pleasant spicy array of flavours. On the palate, the wine is pleasantly fruity and accompanied by nuances of toasted wood with soft, yet powerful tannins. Full bodied, rich, balanced, and harmonious. Pleasant and persistent aftertaste.

FOOD AND WINE PAIRINGS / This wine pairs well with roast meats and is recommended with game and wild poultry and with grilled meats and mature cheeses.

LONGEVITY / straight away for those looking for the characteristic “Carménère” note or after a couple of years for maximum balance of the two components. This wine can easily exceed six years in the bottle.

SERVICE / Cabernet is best when the bottle is brought to room temperature (18 °C) before decanting. Let it “breathe” for a few minutes before serving.