Our Wines

GRAPES USED / Cabernet Sauvignon and Franc grapes. Vine of French origin reaching Friuli in the mid 19th century.

LOCATION OF THE VINEYARD / Hills on the Sottomonte estate in Buttrio (UD), Friuli Colli Orientali D.O.C. area. Hill or foot of the hill terrain, mainly marn and sandstone. Hill vineyards facing South.

TRAINING SYSTEM / Sylvotz and cappuccina techniques typical of Friuli vineyards.

VINIFICATION METHODS / Red: with a cold pre-fermentative maceration for best solubilization of the variety aromas contained in the skin and, during fermentation, contract between skins and must for long enough to obtain adequate colour and structure.

MATURATION AND AGEING / An initial short maturation in oak casks is followed by refining in bottles stored horizontally in our estate underground cellar.

SENSORY CHARACTERISTICS / Intense, solid ruby colour with pleasant purple reflections. A complex and elegant bouquet of sour cherries, wild blueberries and raspberries, black currants and plum. A wine to appreciate straight away for its freshness and good structure, warm and velvety in the mouth, with interwined lively and sweet and balanced tannins.

FOOD AND WINE PAIRING / Splendid with white or red meat, especially when grilled. Excellent with roast meat, any type of game and hard cheese.